Cat Poop Smells Bad Should I Change Foods

Cat poop smells rate right up there next to cat urine smells. And it’s not a pretty site (smell I mean)! Stinky cat poop can be caused by any number of things, but many cat owners quite often overlook a very real culprit…………the cat food they are feeding. Cats, by nature, are protein creatures and they digest proteins very well.

Unfortunately though, many pet food manufacturers choose to add other “cheap” food sources to cat food as fillers which really aren’t very healthy for your cat. Corn and corn meal are used extensively in many cat foods and that can definitely lead to some very “stinky” cat poop. Why?

Well, because cats are primarily protein eaters, and when they have to digest carbohydrates like corn, soy or wheat, it is very difficult. The results are bloating, gas, and large stinky poop! These filler carbohydrates they add to cat food actually ferment in the cat’s digestive system. Not a good combination.

It’s so important to read the label on the cat food you choose to feed your cat. Make sure it have mostly all protein and definitely no corn, wheat, soy or byproducts. There are high quality foods out there like Life’s Abundance cat food for example, which is formulated by a holistic veterinarian, Dr Jane Bicks. These high protein cat foods do exist but it’s up to you to do your due diligence and read your labels.

Stinky cat poop could also be caused by something else entirely, so be sure and check with your vet to rule out other issues. Just remember, if you decide to change cat foods, that you gradually switch your cat over by slowly introducing the new food with what they are already eating. Hopefully the change of food and a good cat litter, with do the trick and things will be smelling much better!

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